Miss you brother

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Miss you brother

I was in college then, and had just entered an organization. Life in an organization could be pretty scary, if you are alone. But thanks to this person, my life in the organization became a blast. His name was K. He was a senior then, And I was a freshman. We became friends when I entered the organization. H intoduced me to his circle of friends, to his connections, and to some of the prominent professors in college (in case I needed help with my grades). For the first months in the organization, I was viewed as his ward, and him my warden. But we saw each other differently, He treated me as his younger brother. And we were inseparable.

Time came, when K got sick. He was not seen in the campus for about 2 weeks. And I started missing him. But despite the distance, we communicated through e-mails. At taht time, cellphones were not yet the common means of communication. Though, we e-mailed each other every day, I still missed him so much. I was so happy, when one day he e-mailed me to meet him somewhere outside the campus. He got well already.

I rushed to our meeting place, and there he was. He lost about 5 pounds. But he still looked /gorgeous/">gorgeous. We hugged each other. I hugged him very tightly, to tell him he's been very much missed. Surprisingly, he said he missed me so much. We had dinner, watched a movie until it was 11pm.

Because of the long time we were separated, we felt we had so much catching up to do. He decided I should sleep at his place. Even though I know his place was too crowded (he has 3 roommates), I decided to go along. I missed him much, I won't let a crowded room hinder our catching up. We talked and talked until it was 3 am. All his roommates were fast asleep. We noticed the time and decided to call it a night. we turned off the lights

I lay beside him on his bed. Unfortunately, both of us couldn't sleep so we decided to play. Because of the darkness, we started scaring each other and ended up /tickling/">tickling each other. While still tickling, by chance, his lips brushed mine. I didn't make a fuzz about. I knew he was straight, and I had a girlfriend then. Maybe it was unintentional (because it was very dark, I couldn't even see him). Then suddenly, I felt his lips touching mine again. I lay still, not knowing what to do. Then I felt his wet lips again. Then his lips started moving, kissing me. I was hesistant at first, but then I thought I 'd give it a try. Nobody's gonna catch us anyway. So we kissed for about 5 minutes (without pausing for breath). I was surorised at myself That I kinda liked kissing him. He lips were so soft, his tongue was so playful. It was as if, I couldn't get enough.

When we stopped, there was a deafening silence. Neither of us knew what to say. I finally mustered the courage to say something, when suddenly he snaked his hands under the covers and began caressing my thigh and waist. But his actions were not the ones that surprised me. What surprised me was the fact that I was gliding with his touch. I felt my heart pounding fastly, and a soft sound exiting my mouth. I was very much aroused. I was loving it. I wanted more.

I still kept my hands to myself, letting him do whatever he wanted to do with me. He hands began to inch to my shorts. He got hold of the waistband and lowered my shorts down to my knees. Then he began caressing my hardening bulge through my briefs. He played with my cock through my briefs until it reached its full length. I only have a 5" cock, but I'm proud of it (it's already a blessing for us Southeast Asians to reah that size). When he felt that it was already full-sized and rock-hard, he swiftly removed my briefs and grab hodl of it as if it was gonna run away. He started stroking me like /crazy/">crazy. At some point, I felt like my foreskin might tear off dur to his enthusiastic stroking. By this time, I started to moan softly. My moaning made him even more enthusiastic with his stroking of my cock. I was nearing to shoot my cum, when he suddenly stopped. THat postponed my release. I was disappointed. 

He did stop stroking me, but I was surprised when I felt his wet lips kissing mine again for about a minute. Then he worked his tongue o my nipples and began sucking it. Unlike his stroking, his sucking was gentle. It made me moan even I found myself yearning for his cock. I inched my had and grab hold of his cock. I was surprised he didn't have his /underwear/">underwear already. HIs cock was an inch larger than mine. I began to fondle it as he continued sucking my nipples. I started to stroke him and this made him moad in between sucking my niiples. This made me stroke him hard and fast. It did not take long, he spurted his man juice on my stomach to my cock. 

I thought it would stop there, but no, it didn't. Directly old waman xxxgx after releasing his last drop of cum, he made his way to my cock and started to stroke it again. I had to close my eyes because of the marvelous feeling I had. The out of nowhere, he wrapped his lips around my cock's head and played with it with his tongue. I was in heaven. Then he started to go down the pole until he had my full 5" bokep sma pecah perawan boner inside his mouth. Then he started going up and down, and did this repeatedly. Gettiong faster and faster. I was about to cum again, when he took out my cock and place his face directly on my pisshole. Then Ifelt the surge of my love juice spurting . I didn't 
know if my cum hit his face, but it was plenty. IT was the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm I've ever had.

Finally, exhauseted, he lay beside me. Then he said " I missed you so much. Tomorrow, I know I will love you". The he dozed off. I realized, that was the /first-time/">first time he spoke since we turned off the lights.