My Affair with my Neighbor

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My Affair with my Neighbor

Hi!! I am Neha. I live in Mumbai, in a bungalow gifted to my husband by his Boss. I am 22 (we married when I was 20) and weigh about 52kg. I am 5’ 9’ in height and have exquisite features, 36-24-36 figure, black hair, black eyes, round face and a fair complexion. I like listening to music while reading books in a comfortable lounger in my house. I have a well stocked library and I sometimes borrow from my friends.

It all happened when a new neighbor moved in next door and I got to know that he too was a book lover and was often writing some book or the other. So I struck up a friendship with him and we often visited each other when my husband was not at home. My neighbor’s name is Krishna and must be quite successful in his field as he was filthy rich, as I judged from his tastes in furnishing, etc. Once when my hubby was not home, I went to visit Krishna and he was quite worked up about something, but he let me in and tried not to show through his emotions. I tried to relax him by talking him out of it. As all the bungalows in the colony were built along the same lines by the builder, I was familiar with the layout and prepared some coffee for both of us. As we drank our coffee, I could see that he was still worked up. So I finally asked him, ’What’s the matter with you Krishna? I can see that you are not OK from the very moment I walked in. Are you annoyed by my visit or presence here?’ He replied quickly, ’Oh no! Not at all, dear. Just anxious about the article I am working on.’ I asked, ’Do you mind telling me about it?’ He was reluctant at first, then the reluctance gave way to embarrassment and then to fury.

He spat out, ’extra marital affairs and infidelity.’ I asked coolly, ’what about it, then?’ he replied visibly cooling down, ’Well I am writing a novel involving two neighbors. And putting it crudely, one neighbor screws the others wife when the other is out to work.’ I was turned on by the idea, and I was already having a crush about Krishna as he was very handsome and had a nice build. We talked some more about the theme and he cooled down a lot and we discussed about the feasibility of such novels. He said, ’they sell nice for all that matters. I have quite a collection of such novels if you want to see them.’ I said, curious now, ’Ok we’ll see your collection.’ He led me into a room he had converted into his library. There were various bookshelves and big ones at that. He even had a step ladder to reach books on topmost of shelves.

I climbed the ladder and saw that the books were indeed very fiery in nature. I forgot that I was wearing only a short skirt and a short sleeved shirt and that my bra laces showed through the shirt and my panties were visible to Krishna the bottom of the ladder. While I was engrossed in going through a novel, he impulsively started rubbing the panties which clung to the lips of my cunt. I was already turned on and his rubbing the silken material of my panties turned we wetter. He pulled down my panties and my cunt was open to him now. He climbed up the ladder and started eating my cunt out. I dropped the novel and pulled his head closer. He tongue-fucked me and his tongue raked my clit till I came. We both got down and he cleared a nearby table by pushing all the books on it down to the floor and pushed me onto it. He grabbed at my shirt and ripped it open. My tits bulging against my bra came into view. He plunged into my cleavage and kissed my chest. I undid my bra and shirt and finally my skirt. I was now stark naked and I helped him to rapidly get out of his clothes. I sucked his massive cock and swallowed all his cum. Then he placed me again on the desk and positioned his cock against my cunt. He said lustfully, ’Neha, from the day I moved in here, I have been spying on you when you are in the bathroom taking your showers. I have many the wwwxxx times jacked off thinking of you and I have wanted to fuck you since then.

Today I will fulfill my desire to my heart.’ I was wet till I dripped and said licking my lips, ’go ahead Krishna. Fuck me. I want your meat inside me. I want you to massage my vagina with that /big/big-red/">big red cock of yours. FUCK ME NOW.’ With this he pushed his cock into my cunt and I gasped as his hot rod seared through my soft flesh. He fucked me and squeezed my jiggling breasts. I came once more as his 10’ cock went in and out of my cunt in a rhythmic motion and our bodies slapped against each other. Finally, as I could feel another orgasm build up, Krishna called out, ’I am gonna cum’ hard.’ I said gasping, ’cum inside me. But /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder and faster.’ Finally, both of us came together and he sighed as he collapsed against my breasts. He fondled and kissed my breasts and he got another hard on. This time he carried me to his bedroom and fucked me proper in there, twice. He came inside me and I dressed to go back home. We kissed as I went out of his house and had a shower as I reached my bedroom. I knew Krishna was spying on me so I flashed more of my body to him wwwxxx and masturbated in front of him. When I had toweled myself dry and went into my room, my phone rang and Krishna said on the other end, ’Hey Thanks. I came in my pants looking at you.’

Today my husband’s out for a week. Well, you have guessed it right.;)
Well, bye for now, Krishna’s waiting for me on my bed. See ya later.