Refugee encounter

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Refugee encounter

After finishing /graduation/">graduation Kiran joined as a /teacher/">teacher in a high school. This high school was started by a philanthropist who gave land, buildings and money to run the school. However, this school was located in the agency area of southern state of India. The philanthropist owned a lot of property. The high school was on the edge of a big mango orchard on the slopes of a hillock and there was a mountain stream flowing nearby. Kiran used to walk around these groves after school work and on the ledge of the stream sometimes catching fish also.

 On one of these trips he saw a small herd of elephants which is domineered by a big bull elephant. There were many females including young ones. There was also a lone young bull and there used to be mock tussles between this young bull and the older one. Kiran got fascinated to watch this group standing at a safe distance without getting noticed by the herd. Suddenly he saw the young one running away from the big one and the big one now pursued a young cow, apparently who came to heat. 

The young cow did not make any resistance perhaps for the fear of the big bull attacking her. The big bull had an /erection/">erection of the penis which was the size of nearly one yard length with a slightly bent into ?S? shape. He mounted the young cow and after probing for the vulva a few times with the penis, got the position as it had had experience of fucking and started thrusting which the young one enjoyed. As it dismounted, the cow ran away and indian santali xvideo nearing a bush started nibbling the leaves. The big bull went to the stream to drink water. This was the opportunity for the young bull to sneak near the young cow. The young cow pretended to move away but as the young one held with its trunk in a kind of persuasion, she obliged whereupon the young bull mounted and made intercourse with the young cow. Certainly the young bull is inexperienced from the way it made thrusting. 

However, the big bull alain lyle porn watched the young one making it with its harem and suddenly dashed with speed and a kind of roar. The young bull dismounted and ran away to save its own life. The big bull approached the young cow again, sniffed its vulva and also licked the cream cum oozing out of its vagina deposited by the young bull. The big bull patted the cow with its trunk in appreciation and as the cow stood still, Kiran observed the penis of the big bull swelling. Its glans penis was nearly eight to ten inches with a shade of pink in colour and the whole shaft is almost three feet in length. The bull leisurely mounted the cow and keeping itself steady started thrusting with vigour. Kiran got sexually excited and as he started masturbating, a group of baboons approached. One of these baboons had an open glans of the penis almost looking like that of a man?s. A passing by female baboon neared the male and touched the exposed penis and bent in front of him inviting it tomount.

The male grunted, pressed its forepaws against the sides of the female?s back and keeping its toes on the knee joints of the female, achieved intromission and fucked her with vigour. This further excited Kiran and he continued his masturbation. Suddenly he heard a giggling noise, and a middle aged woman with his little /son/">son on her backsack in tow carrying bundles of gathered wooden sticks on her head approached him and giggled at his predicament of masturbation. Kiran tried to tuck away his penis inside his trousers, and as his zip failed to close properly, his dick protruded half outside. 

The woman saw his embarrassment and further giggled as he blushed. She kept her wooden stick bundle on the ground and moved the backsack containing her child on the ground. She came near him and took hold of his protruding penis into her nimble fingers and pulled it completely outside and told him, ?you need a fuck, don?t you?? in her native tongue. As she slowly lowered herself on the ground on her back Kiran took the golden opportunity to push her lower garment upto her neck and viewed the inviting vulva with tremendous lust. As the woman spread her thighs wide, he noticed sticky gel threading her orifice showing that she is wet and ready. 

Kiran moved on her with pleasurable sensations and though his knees were rubbing on the hard soil injuring him with friction, he never mind fucked her which she responded with experienced upward thrusts to meet his tool fully her insides. As he ejaculated, by this time the baby got stings from maggots and started crying. Kiran got up and gave her a few rupees and she thanked him for his generous fuck and also money. Apparently she is a wanton woman of the nearby village, later Kiran came to know. Luckily he did not get any sexually transmitted disease because of this isolated experience.

Very near to Kiran?s village, there is a Tibetan refugee settlement. One day a Tibetan couple approached him with the intention of selling woollen sweaters and small carpets to Kiran. The man is about thirty and the woman is in her late twenties. As Kiran is a teacher of Social studies containing History and Geography lessons, he became curious about these people and started making queries about the reasons of their being refugees and so on. The man named Tsering explained how the /chinese/">chinese drove them out of their homeland and how they could reach India by crossing Himalayas. Kiran became very friendly with that couple and he offered them tea besides purchasing a couple of woollen garments. 

As the man and his wife sipped tea, conversation proceeded as Kiran wanted to know their social customs. Kiran was surprised to know that Tsering is the eldest son of his father who died while crossing the border. He had three more brothers. When Kiran asked whether those brothers are also married, Tsering?s wife Norma giggled. When Kiran asked why she is giggling, Tsering replied that in their families only the eldest son marries and the remaining brothers are entitled to have sex with his wife that is their sister-in-law. The younger brothers never marry. Kiran became curious and asked Norma, whether she enjoyed getting fucked by her brothers-in-law, she blushed and replied ?yes, of course?. Kiran became bold and asked her which of the brothers fucks her the best. She giggled and replied that ?it does not matter, because, even if one cannot fuck to her satisfaction, she invites other to come over and usually the others take over the fucking?. Kiran asked her whose penis is the best looking in her estimate, she replied ?all of them same same, but ?? she looked at Tsering at askance whether she can reveal the secret or not. 

Tsering smiled and winked at her to go ahead. She became confident to reveal the secret and told ?they have an uncle whose penis is twice longer than these guys. I noticed that by chance when he was pissing while standing beside a hedge. I got excited. I told my husband about this and requested him to arrange a fuck with this uncle of his. When this uncle entered me, my my my, he still had his tool a quarter of it outside of my vulva. His large testicles banged my anus and it gave real thrill?. So saying she giggled and bound her bundle of goods. Profusely thanking both of them left. Kiran thinking over this episode, satisfied himself with masturbation.