The Best Kiss 1

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
The Best Kiss 1

Ok so I've thought about this story many times on many nights over many years but I'll tell a version incorporating more of what I know about you now. There is no one way to tell it but I'll let my mind run with what it feels the best version of this story is...

Ok, it is a very cold Christmas Eve. Both of us are two years out of and now work full time. We were running around all day today looking for those last minute Christmas gifts for people we know. We had to babysit your sister's , Becky, tonight since your sister had to work the night shift... again. Your is all over the place with anticipation of claus coming tonight. She is real forced anal against her will a complete handful to keep her excitement in check. We make two stops at Christmas eve get togethers at both of our respective families and get home 8pm and are completely exhausted. Your neice is still over-amped about the night and won't go to sleep.

We all sit down in front of the fire place and talk about how much fun we are all going to have tomorrow. We are all sitting on the floor with you slowly brushing your neice's hair and me on the floor with my legs around you and my arms around your waist. While were in front of the fire, little Becky falls asleep in your arms finally and you carry her into bed. We finally rejoice that she fell asleep as we have hours of toy assembly to attend to for the gifts your sister got Becky to absolutely blow her mind with joy the next morning.

Hour after hour goes by with Becky safely tucked away in her room with the dreams of tomorrow comforting her xnxxv sunny leone video as she sleeps. It's now well after midnight and all toy assembly is complete. both of us enjoy a fine whine and realize our day is done. You turn to me and say, "well time for bed". As you finish that sentence I take one finger and place it over you lips as to tell you to be quiet. I throw two fresh logs on the fire place and the sound of the roaring fire fills the room. The temperature outside is freezing and fresh snow is just beginning to fall making it a true wonderland to see. I put my hands on your shoulder and turn you towards the window as we watch the majestic beauty that only winter can bring. All lights are off and just the flicker from the fire place is seen in the pane of the window as we look out at the world outside.

While we take in on the absolute beauty of nature I slowly slide my hand down your arms with just my fingers tips felt through the loose cloth of you pajama top. My hands slide to the bottom of your shirt and just begin to ever so slightly reach under and caress your stomach and wrap around to your lower back. I hold my finger tips right at the base of your spine and slide them ever so lightly down your pajama bottoms caressing the top of your firm butt. I slowly grab hold of the back of your pants and begin to ever so slowly slide them down revealing your firm butt to my tender delicate fingers. I pull the pajamas down your legs depply caressing them with my fingers on the way down. I pull them completely off your ankles revealing your nakedness to me on my knees. The sound of fire crackling and soft kisses fill the room as I kiss your legs so passionately and softly from your ankles all the way up to your back.

You stand in utter awe and passion spells across your face as I slowly slide my arms over the front of your stomach as I rub the tension from inside you with the slow rhythmic motions of my fingertips. I slide your top over your head leaving you in total beauty that I could never imagine existed in my greatest dream or on any mortal woman. I stand up and slowly kiss your back till I reach your neck and no more kissing just the sound of my shallow breathing in your ear to calm your souls desires that are no doubt building with every waking moment that continues. My hands slide down to your hips and turn you to face me. I look down at you naked beauty lit by the flickering flames of the fire and cannot believe that God created you for me to find and have to my own. I bring my eyes to yours and our noses just barely touch as we exchange the shallow breathes of passion form both our lungs.

You take one of your hands and slide it under my shirt and rub me from my abdomen to chest. your other hand reaches around to my back both of our eyes still locked in the deepest passion, time seems endless, our breaths pulsate the love for each other with every exhale to the other. You grab the back of my shirt pulling it over my head leaving my torso exposed to the fire lights gleam. You stare down my physique with adoring eyes that look like no hunger can quench. Then you bite your bottom lip and slide you hands down my back and rub my rock hard butt as you expose my nakedness to the same extent as I did to you. Next you stare at me from the ground with mouth open and slow breaths can be felt on my toes as you slowly move in to kiss my legs and work your way up to your knees rubbing my naked body as you inch your way up. You get to your knees and slide your fingertips up and down my calves and thighs as I roll my eyes into exhilaration as you breath runs up my body over my shoulders and down my back to the pit of my spine. Next you stand up with hands still caressing my back till you drape them over my shoulders.

We stare into our eyes with the hunger that both of us have never felt before and the total exhaustion of the day also is seen and renders us near powerless to engage in any physical activity. I slide my right hand down your back and to the base of you spine as I pull your pelvis to mine. The feeling of our warms bodies is so soothing. the bear skin of each other soothes an immediate feeling of tired in both our bodies. You slide your left leg up and you toes slowly slide up the back of my calves until your knee in bent up to a lap position with complete foot on the back of my leg. I dip you ever so slowly never loosing contact with your eyes as we get lower and lower to the thick throw rug mere feet from the fires glowing warmth. Lower and lower I move you till your back is on the floor, my throbbing arousal can be felt against you flesh to confirm our two hearts are beating together in time. I stare at you as half your face lit by the fires beauty, breathing still shallow as I slowly move in to your face. I bring my cheek to your cheek slowly rubbing our faces together as the breaths from both our mouths run past our ears and out of the fires heat into the cold Christmas night air.

Both our arms are locked tight around the other as the fire burns it eternal glow bright enough to block out any other nearby light. Our chest's press together tight and the passion from both our hearts beats endlessly as if we are only one being in the world. I roll over slowly and bring your body on top of mine with both arms locked tight enough that neither of us feel we will lever break free from the grip that only our love can create. The fire is so close and the warmth is exhilarating. We get so close that the flesh to flesh contact has created a slippery sweat and it feels as if our love for one and other has created a steam that is now filling our lungs. Our bodies slide ever so slightly from the sweat as our lungs breathe each other in and our chests expand and contract in an endless rhythmic timing. We lie there motionless as if in a complete comma but we are both to aroused from the love we created for each other tonight that falling asleep is not an option. We lie there till the fires light dissipates and the cold from outside brings our embrace to an end.

We realize that our night of passion has come to an end and I bring my head up to look in your eyes again. I stroke the hair from over you left cheek and over to your right ear with my palm placed on your face and fingers slowly caressing your head. Next I pull your head to mine and bring our lips to a contact. No fancy kissing just the pleasure our your soft caressing lips against mine. We hold that kiss for minutes in time that seem like and eternity. And in many ways any kiss from you would be just that. I pull back ever so lightly and stare into your eyes and break down with an emotion of tears off joy and a feeling of love in my heart and a hope in my mind that this moment will never end.

Maybe on a night when we're not babysitting little Becky... we can experience a whole lot more together.